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Our Mission:

Equipping the World for Christ to Come

Shawn and Jean are excited to share this year's theme for Sponsorship Connections: The PATH HOME” 

In these presentations, you will be challenged, encouraged, and inspired as you hear a powerful invitation to take the path home and invite others to join you. This these are presentations you won’t want to miss!

Equipping the World for Christ to Come

This is the mission of the Voice of Prophecy, and our Sponsors are vital to accomplishing that mission. Their generosity has helped make incredible things happen at the Voice of Prophecy.

Here are just some of those amazing things:


In our  30-minute television and radio program, Shawn Boonstra takes the audience on an exploration of history and the Bible in search of answers to existential questions common to humanity.

The Serpentine Prophecy

Our latest successful bridge event examines the historical routes of spiritualism and the occult and offers Biblical answers for those seeking to understand more about what happens when they're contact by who seems to be their deceased loved ones and friends.

Discovery Mountain

Our popular children’s audio adventure series that introduces Bible stories and themes to kids through the everyday challenges and joys of the residents of Discovery Mountain.

Discovering Revelation

Discovering Revelation

A continent-wide initiative that empowers local churches to present our carefully prepared full-message series Discovering Revelation with its complete suite of evangelistic resources.

Discover Bible School

The Voice of Prophecy's Discover Bible School is not only a Bible school in its own right, but it also coordinates a network of 2,400 Bible schools nationwide, helping individuals and churches with Bible lessons, personal witnessing tools, and training. 

Many ambitious plans are underway, including a citywide Revelation Speaks Peace series in Calgary, Alberta, the development of a new short series bridge event for 2024, and all-new programming Authentic and Discovery Mountain listeners.

However, projects of this scope and magnitude are impossible without the generous support of our VOP Sponsor family.

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What people are saying about Sponsorship Connections

"We love to contribute to something that has been going on for so long and has such a worldwide impact."

Dave and Karen

"Sponsorships are events of full-speed-ahead vision."


"It has reminded us of what our call is. If money is what I can give, that’s what I’ll offer."

Tim and Lisa