Yes, God Has Been Speaking to My Heart!

I want to be part of finishing this great work and hasten the Day of our Lord's return.

I understand this is a fundraising event and there will be an expectation to support the Voice of Prophecy by committing a minimum of $100 a month for twelve months.

Our Sponsors are invited to join us for one of our two virtual Sponsorship Connections weekends

Each weekend features a heart-touching message by Shawn Boonstra, a report of recent ministry endeavors, soul-stirring gospel music, and a full Discovery Mountain-themed children’s program

Event Details

To ensure the safety of our Sponsors, this year’s Sponsorship Connections weekends will be presented 100% virtually.  Two streams are scheduled in two different time zones (Eastern and Pacific) to accommodate Sponsors living in different parts of the country. 

Voice of Prophecy